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18K Angel Cameo circa 1870
This is a stunning ornate Victorian cameo of an angel in 18K gold.  It measures 2 1/4" tall ..
18K French Locket circa 1880 with Cross
Beautiful 18K French locket is from the late 1800's and in excellent condition.  The cross i..
18K Gold Snake Ring with Ruby Eyes - 1940's
Awesome serpent ring is in 18K gold and weighs 9.5 grams.  The eyes are rubies.  It is ..
1910 Edwardian / Art Deco Diamond and Pearl Ring
This stunning ring is 18K and the stones are set in Platinum.  It is a true Edwardiam / Art ..
1920's Egyptian Revival enamel and vibrant blue crystal necklace
Egyptian Revival enamel and vibrant blue crystal necklace is 1920 at it's best! The necklace is 1..
1940's Platinum, Diamond and Pearl Crown Brooch
Celebrate the royal birth with this gorgeous crown brooch! It is solid platinum with 6 cultured p..
1950's fun green plastic boat necklace in gold tone base metal
This is a super summer necklace measuring 19" long with a 1 1/2" pendant.  Metal boat is enc..
1960's dog tag "Love" necklace in silver tone
Super fun 1960's "Love" necklace is 25" long with 2" long dog tag.   ..
1960's green early plastic and gold tone necklace
Super cool early plastic and gold tone necklace is so 1960's! Snakey chain is 24" and pendant is ..
Antique 18K French Dragon Bracelet circa 1910 with Diamonds and Rubies
This is a fabulous antique 18K French dragon bracelet weighing 44.3 grams.  Diamonds and rub..
Antique 18K French Flower Locket circa 1880
This antique locket is an exceptional, rich 18K gold color! It is in very good condtion, weighs 1..
Antique 18K Gold French Embossed Locket circa 1900
This is a beautiful 18K gold locket made in France, circa 1900.  It is in very good conditio..
Vintage and Antique Jewelry
We've been curating vintage and antique jewelry for over 30 years!  American, French and English antique jewelry is out specialty.  It's all one of a kind, so when it sells, it's gone! Visit our brick and mortar store for an extensive collection.